19 January 2016

summary of semester 1 of foundation programme

okay since it's been awhile since I didn't update myself so why not now right?

I've been one of a student for program persediaan keusahawanan sains, universiti malaysia kelantan (ppks umk) for about 8 months now, apparently. It's such a pleasure to enter this foundation which is a little bit different from other foundation programme out there since I have to apply it by myself and not through upu website. This foundation isn't implemented at the main campus which is situated in Kelantan. But no, this programme is held at Kolej Mara Kulim, Kedah and after I finished this foundation, I will continue my degree in Kelantan. 

Yes, that's how my life for these 8 months. Taking bus from KL to Kulim and Kulim to KL is not a big deal for me since I've been doing it for 5 times now. 1st time I go back to KL during first ramadhan, 2nd time during Hari Raya, 3rd time during Hari Raya Korban plus Semester 1 break, 4th time during mid sem 2 break and lastly, now, which is semester 2 break.

This foundation have 3 semesters and it have 7 subjects to score which is English, Foreign Language (Arabic Language), Entrepreneurship, Biology, Chemistry, Physics, Mathematics.

okay so I think enough for me babbling about this foundation. since it's new and I'm afraid that most of you out there didn't know about this. It was established in 2011 and my batch currently is the 5th batch in 2015/2016 session. so yeah that's all. for more details about this course, click here

nah this would be summary for the past 8 months; what I've been through, what the activities in this foundation, what happened, and random photos of me and my friends in this foundation. I hope you enjoy it!

26th May 2015 - 30th May 2015

before you enter any education instituition, you wouldn't miss this activity. unless if your ipta doesn't held this programme, so lucky you. basically orientation is held by senior. they would provide you lots of activities to get to know between your batch-mates, seniors and lecturers and also they would give a walk for you around the campus.

so here are some photos during orientation that was held for 5 days. pheww, so tiring I tell ya!


this was my group during orientation week. 
I swear to god, I don't even recognize one of them!
 now? even I know which room they're staying



before orientation week end, I took photos with the whole of my batch and with the seniors. well I felt so sad during this moments cuz it would be the last moments with our seniors and classes will start soon

 this place is called Dewan Mawar which is the official class for ppks umk,jyeah.

this would be my group during my orientation week but we are wearing the formal attire which are baju kurung for female and kemeja with seluar for male



my first ever hangout 
13th June 2015

nah this would be my first ever hangout with a few of my friends (note that at this time I haven't know all of my batch-mates) outside of the college, which was yeaayyy finally I can escape from reality. we went just outside of the college, to treat our tummy during lunch time. so here goes the photos


Young Entrepreneur Business Talk
9th June 2015

that was the first activity outside the college for us. we went to a talk event that was held at Grand Alora Hotel, Alor Star, Kedah. It wan a MARA event for MARA students to gain our knowledge about entrepreneurship and business. It was an amazing event after all!

Iftar with homeroom

this was held during Ramadhan which we iftar with our homeroom at DS (Dewas Selera). my homeroom teacher treat us dominos weeeeee


voting for MPP
me and my friend participate in Suruhanjaya Pilihan Raya (SPR). we incharge in student's voting for MPP. I even counted the voting paper for MPP. what a great experience to experienced!


Majlis Watikah Perlantikan MPP/JPP Sesi 2015/2016


More random photos during classes, in the lab, during free time 


 Balik Kampung photoshoot (haha!)

before we going back to our hometown to celebrate Hari Raya celebration, we once again took some photos for some memories since we met new friends in new places. so here goes the photos (read: photoshoot)


Hari Raya celebration at the college

we came back to college and we celebrated Hari Raya at college. so yeah here goes the photos


Minggu Celik Niaga

this is basically an event only for ppks umk (not involving other unit)


Larian Merdeka 


Kem Menyerlah Potensi Siri 1


End of the semester 1 !
so this was during journey to go back to KL with a few of my friend that live around KL. we went back to KL by ETS (read: train). nah that was the ending of our semester 1 yeayyyyyyyyy


okay so that was my journey throughout my semester 1. Alhamdulillah, I go through all those struggle with patience. met some new friends in my life would be the best thing I've ever experienced. no word can described how grateful I'm to meet new people in my life. 

after semester 1 ended, it taught me something, it left me something in myself. I learn more about life. life is more than we thought. sacrifices, obstacles, late night sleep, eat maggi late night, watching movies during free time, lab reports, assignment, homeworks, presentationssssss, teamworks, struggle, sad, happy, friendship, love (ehem ehem hehe). I experienced all of them and it was totally different during my high school days. nah, this would never be the same like before.

the period of semester 1 was during 26 May 2015 until early of October. so cheers for semester 1 !

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