19 January 2016

Summary of semester 2 of foundation programme

click here if you haven't read the previous post semester 1

Sea-Cilik 2015 at Sekolah Kebangsaan High-Tech, Kulim 
Date: 9th October 2015 and 10th October 2015
a day before the event start, we prepared a few things for the event





D-day of the event. fuuhh so tiring I tell ya


Luke(warm)'s Birthday Celebaration
Date: 9th October 2015 (I can't really remember the date haha)

My Birthday Celebration
Date: 28th October 2015 and 31st October 2015

thanks for those who organized my birthday surprise haha. big thanks to @aligator, @danisya, @lukewarm, @ssarahwani, @rajaaaa. thank you for made my day


Mid-sem 2 break
Date: 19th November 2015 - 28th November 2015


A visit to Universiti Malaysia Kelantan, Kampus Jeli, Kelantan 
8th December 2015 and 9th December 2015

this was during a stop at Greek,Perak.


nah the event already started yeahhh


Volleyball (Curriculum 1)
Date: happened throughout semester 2

Class Photoshoot
Innovation programme
Not to forget some of my friends who participated in innovation. I didn't involve in this event, just so you know


Some random photos throughout the semester

okay so that what was I went through throughout last semester. currently I'm enjoying my semester 2 break and I will come back to college 24th January 2016. thanks everyone who make my semester 2 happening!

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