13 March 2016

Personality over Appearance, I confused

When I was a student back then (it doesn't matter secondary school or high school), I believe that, people who have partner must be someone who have attractive appearance; handsome face, fair skin, badan mcm model, nice smile, tall af, cantik mcm barbie, slender hands and all those things that described how perfect human are. If that girl is pretty, she must have a handsome partner and vice versa. If that person is ugly, he/she doesn't have partner. In the other words, they wouldn't get married becuz they're ugly.

But I experienced different situations outside from school. When I went out from house, went to malls, went to events and stuff, I confused with myself. Does I lied to myself or the world is lied to me?

When I went out, all I can observe was, husband and wife walked around but the husband wasn't that handsome at all but his wife was pretty af and I can see happiness in their faces. Why is this happening? I thought pretty girl would marry handsome boy? Does my formula went wrong? Or am I the only one who believe with that kind of thoughts?

I keep asking myself, does appearance define happiness in marriage? Does wake up every morning with beautiful wife beside you makes you happy? Does seeing your handsome husband getting ready to work makes you smile? Or am I the only one that think like that?

it keeps me wondering every single day. I mean look, school taught me that thing. Usually the prettiest girl in my batch have lots of secret admirers; it doesn't matter either it's junior or senior, everybody likes her, she's the one who get attention. it doesn't stop in real life, comments on her facebook, on her photos on instagram, it never stop. So my brain make a conclusion, "human judge people by appearance".

Not until I enter foundation, all those thoughts and fomulas that been stuck in my brain are all ridiculous, are all nonsense. Well I have to say, it doesn't make sense at all. University life really teach you more than school, more about life. I realised that people in my college are different. I mean, they really bring me to a whole new level. People have partner becuz they're pretty? Wrong. Even the prettiest girl doesn't get much attention like the one during my school. People choose their partner based on appearance? Think twice. I bet the caring and understanding guy win over handsome guy, becuz after all, personality wins over appearance.

Well I guess that what I got during my foundation days. Appearance is subjective. It can be anything. Different people have different opinions on 'cantik', 'lawa', 'cun'.Maybe some people like girls with chubby cheecks, like cute face one, but some guy like pretty girls with a touch of generous. Nobody knows, until you experienced it.

Regarding on personality, I make it wider; personality, manners, behaviour, characters. Some people tidak mudah terpedaya with good looking guy, pretty af girl. they don't simply judge them by appearance, instead they try to know each other first, specifically those thing; personality, manners, behaviour, characters. Well it's hard to explain, like what I said, until you experienced it by yourself

until then, bye

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