08 June 2016

Orientation week and Penang

well it seems like I'm going to write 2 posts in a day cuz yeah, I'm not sure when will I have time to update my blog

So last two weeks, I went back to Kmku; for 2 main reasons. First, Orientation week was held through that week so I'm willing myself to go to Kmku back even I wasn't one of the facilitators (AJKO) who handle the orientation week and I know its far away from my house. The reason is I wanted to see the new faces for the next batch and yeah, I manage to meet students for 2016/2017 session which I would never expect to meet them this far. Secondly, I planned with few of my friends who were facilitators during orientation week to go to Penang after they finish their job.

Orientation week

I don't really have much photos during orientation week cuz yeah simply I'm not one of the facilitators. I just have a few photos after they finished their orientation week. I started off my journey from Terminal Bersepadu Selatan, Cheras (TBS) by rode a bus to Kulim on 26th May 2016 (Thursday). I arrived Kmku around 7pm. I stayed at Kmku for 2 days and 2 nights which were on Thursday (26/5) until Friday (27/5). On Saturday, we left Kmku to go to Penang. But before we left college, we met our juniors for the last time. Photos below was during juniors at Dewan Mawar becuz they have kelas ganti after orientation haha :p

Me as the penyibuk cuz I wasn't involve for the orientation week :p
New faces for 2016/2017 session. Hye junior! Nice to see ya!

Pictures with seniors and juniors. Goin' to miss all these qtpie. Best of luck to juniors 16/17 session!

After we finish our meeting up session with juniors, we then started our journey to Penang. yeaahhhh


On Saturday (28/5), me, Aleya, Fatin Akmal, Amira Roube, Raja, Amirx, Dan, Aliff, Amir Bear went to Penang with two cars. The first car would be all the boys except Raja; drove by Amir Bear with his passengers, Aliff, Dan, Amirx. The second car was driven by Raja with the rest of the girls as his passengers. thank you for layan our kerenah and layang our kebisingan throughout the journey.

Thank you Raja for willingly to drive manual car, I repeat manual car, to Penang for us. Hehe.

I planned to go to Penang Hill (Bukit Bendera) cuz its been a long time I haven't went there. The last time I went there I think when was 10 years old, so yeah why not come to it with this bunch. Sadly, we had problems with google maps and waze so we didn't managed to go there. So I changed the plan by visiting Penang 3D Trick Art Museum near Padang Kota. So we went there YAASSSSS. Here goes photos that we managed to take;


Shortly after that, we went to Padang Kota. We crossed the road and enjoyed the scenery of sunset by the beach.

Gigih cross the road :P

Enjoy the scenery by the beach
Shortly after that, we went to medan selera near the beach to eat for dinner and perhaps the very last time to leave Penang cuz I wouldn't know when I will go there back

yup, last part of our trip

After that, we went back to Kulim bus station at 10pm and sumpah cakap, it was tiring but worth and best gileeee with these bunch. Amir Bear and Aliff went back to their house by Amir's car cuz they live at northern state. While Dan, Amirx, Fatin, Aleya had their bus at 10.45pm. Raja left the bus station at 11.30pm and me alongside Amira would be the last two person in our batch to leave Kulim which was 11.45pm cuz we bought our tickets at that hour.

Thank you to these bunch of munchies for spending your time and willingly to join this trip. Eventhough it was a very last minute plan, but meh, everything was fine. Major thanks to each of you!

Officially an alumni for a foundation programme!

Hi everyone!

Its been a month since I left my foundation programme; Program Persediaan Keusahawanan Sains, Universiti Malaysia Kelantan (PPKS UMK) for 2015/2016 session at Kolej Mara Kulim, Kedah (Kmku). I've been waiting to finish this like; I even did countdown to count the days to finish this foundation. Finally I'm freeeee

Frankly to say, this foundation taught me so many things, like sooooooo many things. Not to mention that this foundation is quite different from other foundation programmes out there, yeah obviously. It taught me almost 360 degrees from my previously life before I registered to this foundation. Different from life during my high school, different in terms of friends. 

I would like to give my gratitude to all my 7 beloved lecturers; Teacher Yati (English), Sir Hayazi (Math), Teacher Zety (Biology), Teacher Safura (Chemistry), Sir Shazmi (Physics), Teacher Yan (Entrepreneur) and Ustaz Zural (Arabic). Not to forget, Teacher Hajar (Ko-Ku Sem 2) and Cikgu Fazdli (Ko-Ku Sem 1). Thank you for teaching us for almost a year. I appreciate all those sweats and sacrifices that all of you did for us. We would never forget those wise words and advices all of you had given to us!

Here goes big appreciation to batch-mates; 

To all 17 boys that I miss (ppffftttt); Amirul, Aideed, Qayyum, Hafiz, Luke, Raja, Amirx, Amir Bear, Syah, Khairi, Rasy(Dan), Mat Jad, Redza, Amiruddin, Aliff, Daus (moved), Aiman (moved).

To the girls that shared the same floor as me (haha); Aliggggator, Tasha, Alya Syamimie, Aribah, Jihah, Saidah, Syaf, Piqah, Amira Roube, Mieyna, Noi, Nysa, Gjae, Zahra, KakSyu, Wanos, FN Alia, Faz, Echa, Biehah, Mekyam, Mazila, Nisaku, Syahira, Annur, Fifiey, Aimie,Ika, Hadaina, Wani, Fatin Akmal, Iqa, Aleya, Sah, Aina, Sha, May, Didi, Sarah, Anis, Liena, Jue, Nik Nasyuha (moved), KakDayah (moved), Mia (moved), Fina (moved).

Roomates 308, Blok FAZ 3rd floor, Tutorial C, Kuliah B, Lab C, beloved lab-mates, Dewan Mawar, Group PAL 7, (and all those grouping stuff for every subjects)

Thank you for the memories that we spent together, for all the laugh and tears that we shared, through ups and downs doing assignments. It was (really) such an opportunity to know each of you with different background. Thanks for drop by in my life and help me in building and creating our memories. Goin' to miss every single of you and see ya when I see you!


Special thanks to these bunch of munchies. Without you, I would never know where I'm standing right now. Thank you for always there through ups and downs in my life. Thank you for lending your ears to listen to all my problems. I have no idea how to balas back all those sacrifices that all of you had done, just for an ordinary girl named Hanani (heh :p). Couldn't imagine how am I supposed to breath and live without you by my side (ceeyyy :p).

Cc; Amira Roube . Amirudin. Fatin Akmal . Aleya . Aliggggator . Didiiiii . Sarah . Luke . Raja . Rasy(Dan) . Mat Jad . Faz . Saidah . Syaf . not to forget geng PiNaNge; Amir Bear . Amirx . Aliff.

26.5.2015 - 4.5.2016
Kolej Mara Kulim,
Signing out,
Hanani, Nanie, Hana, Nayong :p

13 March 2016

Personality over Appearance, I confused

When I was a student back then (it doesn't matter secondary school or high school), I believe that, people who have partner must be someone who have attractive appearance; handsome face, fair skin, badan mcm model, nice smile, tall af, cantik mcm barbie, slender hands and all those things that described how perfect human are. If that girl is pretty, she must have a handsome partner and vice versa. If that person is ugly, he/she doesn't have partner. In the other words, they wouldn't get married becuz they're ugly.

But I experienced different situations outside from school. When I went out from house, went to malls, went to events and stuff, I confused with myself. Does I lied to myself or the world is lied to me?

When I went out, all I can observe was, husband and wife walked around but the husband wasn't that handsome at all but his wife was pretty af and I can see happiness in their faces. Why is this happening? I thought pretty girl would marry handsome boy? Does my formula went wrong? Or am I the only one who believe with that kind of thoughts?

I keep asking myself, does appearance define happiness in marriage? Does wake up every morning with beautiful wife beside you makes you happy? Does seeing your handsome husband getting ready to work makes you smile? Or am I the only one that think like that?

it keeps me wondering every single day. I mean look, school taught me that thing. Usually the prettiest girl in my batch have lots of secret admirers; it doesn't matter either it's junior or senior, everybody likes her, she's the one who get attention. it doesn't stop in real life, comments on her facebook, on her photos on instagram, it never stop. So my brain make a conclusion, "human judge people by appearance".

Not until I enter foundation, all those thoughts and fomulas that been stuck in my brain are all ridiculous, are all nonsense. Well I have to say, it doesn't make sense at all. University life really teach you more than school, more about life. I realised that people in my college are different. I mean, they really bring me to a whole new level. People have partner becuz they're pretty? Wrong. Even the prettiest girl doesn't get much attention like the one during my school. People choose their partner based on appearance? Think twice. I bet the caring and understanding guy win over handsome guy, becuz after all, personality wins over appearance.

Well I guess that what I got during my foundation days. Appearance is subjective. It can be anything. Different people have different opinions on 'cantik', 'lawa', 'cun'.Maybe some people like girls with chubby cheecks, like cute face one, but some guy like pretty girls with a touch of generous. Nobody knows, until you experienced it.

Regarding on personality, I make it wider; personality, manners, behaviour, characters. Some people tidak mudah terpedaya with good looking guy, pretty af girl. they don't simply judge them by appearance, instead they try to know each other first, specifically those thing; personality, manners, behaviour, characters. Well it's hard to explain, like what I said, until you experienced it by yourself

until then, bye

19 January 2016

Summary of semester 2 of foundation programme

click here if you haven't read the previous post semester 1

Sea-Cilik 2015 at Sekolah Kebangsaan High-Tech, Kulim 
Date: 9th October 2015 and 10th October 2015
a day before the event start, we prepared a few things for the event





D-day of the event. fuuhh so tiring I tell ya


Luke(warm)'s Birthday Celebaration
Date: 9th October 2015 (I can't really remember the date haha)

My Birthday Celebration
Date: 28th October 2015 and 31st October 2015

thanks for those who organized my birthday surprise haha. big thanks to @aligator, @danisya, @lukewarm, @ssarahwani, @rajaaaa. thank you for made my day


Mid-sem 2 break
Date: 19th November 2015 - 28th November 2015


A visit to Universiti Malaysia Kelantan, Kampus Jeli, Kelantan 
8th December 2015 and 9th December 2015

this was during a stop at Greek,Perak.


nah the event already started yeahhh


Volleyball (Curriculum 1)
Date: happened throughout semester 2

Class Photoshoot
Innovation programme
Not to forget some of my friends who participated in innovation. I didn't involve in this event, just so you know


Some random photos throughout the semester

okay so that what was I went through throughout last semester. currently I'm enjoying my semester 2 break and I will come back to college 24th January 2016. thanks everyone who make my semester 2 happening!