08 June 2016

Officially an alumni for a foundation programme!

Hi everyone!

Its been a month since I left my foundation programme; Program Persediaan Keusahawanan Sains, Universiti Malaysia Kelantan (PPKS UMK) for 2015/2016 session at Kolej Mara Kulim, Kedah (Kmku). I've been waiting to finish this like; I even did countdown to count the days to finish this foundation. Finally I'm freeeee

Frankly to say, this foundation taught me so many things, like sooooooo many things. Not to mention that this foundation is quite different from other foundation programmes out there, yeah obviously. It taught me almost 360 degrees from my previously life before I registered to this foundation. Different from life during my high school, different in terms of friends. 

I would like to give my gratitude to all my 7 beloved lecturers; Teacher Yati (English), Sir Hayazi (Math), Teacher Zety (Biology), Teacher Safura (Chemistry), Sir Shazmi (Physics), Teacher Yan (Entrepreneur) and Ustaz Zural (Arabic). Not to forget, Teacher Hajar (Ko-Ku Sem 2) and Cikgu Fazdli (Ko-Ku Sem 1). Thank you for teaching us for almost a year. I appreciate all those sweats and sacrifices that all of you did for us. We would never forget those wise words and advices all of you had given to us!

Here goes big appreciation to batch-mates; 

To all 17 boys that I miss (ppffftttt); Amirul, Aideed, Qayyum, Hafiz, Luke, Raja, Amirx, Amir Bear, Syah, Khairi, Rasy(Dan), Mat Jad, Redza, Amiruddin, Aliff, Daus (moved), Aiman (moved).

To the girls that shared the same floor as me (haha); Aliggggator, Tasha, Alya Syamimie, Aribah, Jihah, Saidah, Syaf, Piqah, Amira Roube, Mieyna, Noi, Nysa, Gjae, Zahra, KakSyu, Wanos, FN Alia, Faz, Echa, Biehah, Mekyam, Mazila, Nisaku, Syahira, Annur, Fifiey, Aimie,Ika, Hadaina, Wani, Fatin Akmal, Iqa, Aleya, Sah, Aina, Sha, May, Didi, Sarah, Anis, Liena, Jue, Nik Nasyuha (moved), KakDayah (moved), Mia (moved), Fina (moved).

Roomates 308, Blok FAZ 3rd floor, Tutorial C, Kuliah B, Lab C, beloved lab-mates, Dewan Mawar, Group PAL 7, (and all those grouping stuff for every subjects)

Thank you for the memories that we spent together, for all the laugh and tears that we shared, through ups and downs doing assignments. It was (really) such an opportunity to know each of you with different background. Thanks for drop by in my life and help me in building and creating our memories. Goin' to miss every single of you and see ya when I see you!


Special thanks to these bunch of munchies. Without you, I would never know where I'm standing right now. Thank you for always there through ups and downs in my life. Thank you for lending your ears to listen to all my problems. I have no idea how to balas back all those sacrifices that all of you had done, just for an ordinary girl named Hanani (heh :p). Couldn't imagine how am I supposed to breath and live without you by my side (ceeyyy :p).

Cc; Amira Roube . Amirudin. Fatin Akmal . Aleya . Aliggggator . Didiiiii . Sarah . Luke . Raja . Rasy(Dan) . Mat Jad . Faz . Saidah . Syaf . not to forget geng PiNaNge; Amir Bear . Amirx . Aliff.

26.5.2015 - 4.5.2016
Kolej Mara Kulim,
Signing out,
Hanani, Nanie, Hana, Nayong :p

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