Ujian Kelayakan Kemasukan ke MRSM

my favourite cat ever

sooo assalamualaikum everyone ! woohoooo, I alrdy finished my SPM yeay. no I'm joking haha

actually, I just ended my UKKM. what is UKKM? UKKM means Ujian Kelayakan Kemasukan ke MRSM. the name can't be any longer. luckily I didn't do any typo

the offer letter

my dad is the one who apply MRSM for me. honestly this is my first time take UKKM. so, I'm a little bit nervous. I alredy received the offer letter. I took this exam at Serting, Negeri Sembilan. sorry to say, but i've never heard a place in Malaysia that called Serting honestly even though i've alrdy live here about 15 years old. bad malaysian I am. sorry once again

my dad said that this place is about 3 hours from my house. erm quite far from my house but not that far actually. but anyway, I challenged myself to take this exam at that kind of place. I took this exam last wednesday (28 nov 2012), from 2pm until 5.30 pm in the evening. 

The rules are;

Sila bawa Kad Pengenalan dan Angka Giliran PMR. (please bring your identity card and angka giliran PMR slip)
the easiest one. just bring your beloved identity card and your angka giliran PMR slip since this exam required these things. you might be disqualified if you didn't bring these

anda perlu berada di pusat ujian 15 minit lebih awal. (you must arrive at the place 15 minutes early) 
I reckon you to leave your house early. for me, I leave my house about 11am. I arrived there about 1pm. if your house is near to any MRSM place where you take this exam, you can leave your house late if you want :p

Pakai pakaian seragam (wear school uniform)

this is the sucks rule ever. i don't like to wear my school uniform outside from my school. the unifrom doesn't that fashionable lol. you like your school uniform or not, you still have to wear it. even you looks ugly in it haha. but the problem is, you might forget where you put your school uniform since it's a long holiday haha. better check first or buy the new one lol

I'm so smart that I iron my school unifrom at the night before I take the exam. like a boss meh

bawa air dan makanan (bring water and food)

bring anything like biscuits incase if you are hungry since they didn't provide food and water. bring the simple one. if you want the heavy one, just bring it. everybody deserve and have right to eat

bawa kalkulator (bring calculator)

people always take this one not seriously. this is important to calculate anything that the question needed. you gonna cry a river if you don't bring. don't forget to bring your stationery like pencil and such

aku letak lagi gambar kucing gemok ni.obses sgt aku ni

UKKM consist of 3 test:
  • Mathematics Test [40 questions]
  • Science Test [50 questions]
  • Personality Test [100 questions]
the good news is, you have to answer those questions using computer. great isn't? Noted that all these questions are in objective, so don't worry too much. I don't know if this allow or not, but I just wanna give you example for the personality test. the personality test is quite weird lol. it's like unnecessary questions. for example, "what present you want for your birthday?".

at MRSM Serting, I answered the questions in the computer lab at the second floor. the computer lab is super cool. they use computer that have thin scrin you know like kind of tv.

basically, I just show you photos that I took by myself since this is my first and last visit to this cool place. pretty sad actually. sorry, it's not from google image

see my shadow? yeah i'm wearing school uniform at that time :p

oh well, I alrdy miss this place. good luck to those who will take this exam. May Allah ease everything. thanks for reading. I hope this will help you a little bit. don't nervous much and keep praying to Allah.

ok bye.wassalam :)