14 June 2014

Poem: Entering The Great Hall

As I look down to my hands,
They are shivering,
Am I in the Greenland?

Are you tired?
Told you not to work over-time.

Why you looks sick?
I remind you not to eat butterflies

Thumping with no nerves,
Please don't stop.

I walk inside the hall,
With my inside and outside ready,
With my mind full with formulas,
Pass the others and sit,
Staring at the exam paper,
Holding the pencil,
Sweat in the forehead,
I wipe.

This is the time,
I'm waiting for this time,
It's neither rehearsal,
Nor pre-recording.
It's live !

The moment,
Where I finish my school.
The moment,
Where I made decision in my life.

O Allah, please ease everything.
O Allah, please make it easier for me to go through.
O Allah, please let me own straight A's !

it's probably just a piece of art from the bottom of my heart. I may not an artistic and creative people, but my imagination is beyond your imagination.

nowadays, i just have an interest to write down poem becuz i often play with my emotion. I do hope that my ideas from my brain will come out like river. 

well see you next time then !

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