03 July 2013

TeenACE 2013

assalamualaikum bakal-bakal jenazah,
bakal-bakal penghuni syurga

Alhamdulillah Allah give me a chance to write post in this blog again.this is my first post in 2013. i know u don't really care haha but it's been a long time i didn't write post in this blog. before this, i promise u guys that i will update my journey at legoland. but really, i have no time to update the post.

back to the topic. last saturday and sunday, i went to TeenACE. this event is really awesome ever ever ever, like ever. this event start from 8am until 11pm on saturday while on sunday it start form 8am until 5pm. participant in this event is over 1000 people. WOW! they come from t'ganu, pahang, johor, melaka, sabah, sarawak and even from s'pore. can u imagine that? there are sooooooooo-ooooooo mu-ccchhh people in this event. fuuuhhhhhh. 

basically u just have to spent RM100 to join this event. it sounds expensive but it really worth than buy a high-heels. awesome and great people come to this event too. it held at Menara TM, Kuala Lumpur (near to midvalley). it suppose to held at Centrum Setiawangsa Hall but they have a little bit problem so they change the place one day before the event start.

*this is how Menara TM looks like from the outside
credit: Langit Ilahi facebook

*inside the hall !
credit: Langit Ilahi facebook

*the event alrdy started !
credit: Langit Ilahi facebook

credit: Langit Ilahi facebook

ok so i will not update this awesome event from A-Z cuz it's too awesome to write in in this blog lol. like seriously you have to go to this event if you have chance to go. just let the pictures describe it. i will only update pictures on the first day of the event cuz i'm so lazy you know

*this is how it looks like during pendaftaran.sooooooo much crowded
credit: langit ilahi facebook

*the best speaker ever; Hilal Asyraf
credit: langit ilahi facebook

*have you ever seen this guy? yes he's the one that become a host at 'Assalamualaikum' at TV alhijrah.his name is Amin Idris.his talk is so 'ringkas dan padat'
credit: lagit ilahi facebook

*Ustaz Hasrizal gave his speech after Amin Idris's speech
credit: langit ilahi facebook

*forum by Adibah Awang, Anwarhadi and Imam Muda Asyraf. Aisyah Shakirah as the host. this forum started at 2pm until 4pm
credit: langit ilahi facebook

*Aisyah Shakirah & Adibah Awang
credit: langit ilahi facebook

*Awarhadi & Imam Muda Asyraf
credit: langit ilahi facebook

*taken by me. sorry because i sit too far urgh and i can't even see aisyah shakirah from my place


i still remember the first time i found him on youtube 2 years ago when i was form 2. i started to know him when i watched 'Ewww' (haha). at that time i didn't even think like i will meet this guy. like really, masyaallah

'wasiat seorang vlogger kepada pelajar sekolah menengah haha'

at night, the event started with Fatih Seferagic recited surah ar-rahman. his voice pergh

Fatih Seferagic talk about himself

performance from Rabbani !
credit: langit ilahi facebook

*lol this is so epic

credit: langit ilahi facebook

so as for the conclusion;
i really really satisfied with this event. applause for langit ilahi team for make this event successful. so yeah that's all from me

Assalamualaikum !

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