14 October 2013

Books review: The Fault In Our Stars by John Green

Assalamualaikum everyone !

today i would like to make books review becuz of my obsession with eng novels hehe.
novel that i choose today is The Fault In Our Stars by John Green

act, i seriously don't even know about this book. i know this book on instagram becuz people keep post photos of this book. so i guess i want to read this book. i bought this book at kinokuniya, klcc (becuz kinokuniya is my 2nd home :p) on last june. i didn't use my money becuz my father pay it for me (yeayyy).

guess what, it takes about 3 months to finish this book. yes i do love to read books but i have lots of work to do; homework, clean the house and such. so the only time i can read this book is before i sleep. that's the perfect time to read book

About this book:

Name: The Fault In Our Stars
Writer: John Green
Price: RM 36.00 (if u buy it at kinokuniya)
          $ 10.99 (if u buy it at US lol)
Pages: 313 (excluding the introduction and the closing of the book)
Synopsis: story about 16 year old girl name Hazel Grace Lanchester who suffering lung cancer. she go to Support Group at church and there she meet Augustus Water who only have one leg and survive with another fake leg. both of them become close friend and couple. they always share stories about them, go to each other house and hangout together. both of them read a novel called, An Empirical Affliction written by Petter Van Houtan (idk either this book exist or not, googled it by yourself).the ending of the story is so mysterious so they decided to sent email (or letter?) to Petter Van Houtan. Petter Van Hountan (or prabably his assistant, Lidewij) asked them to come to Amsterdam to know about the ending. so then, Augustus, Hazel and Hazel's mum go to Amsterdam. sadly, Peter Van Houtan doesn't want to answer their questions.

so thick tho haha

i don't want to tell you this novel until the ending. you should read it by yourself. or if you are to lazy to buy it, just download at iBooks okay

*brb crying T_T

becuz this book is so famous, they decide to make a movie for this book (like harry potter tho). and right now they're doing the movie and i'm so happy. the movie will release 6 june next year (what so long).

meh that's all

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  1. The book is a good read, but not extremely good. It's a teeny love story with teeny humour with harshness of reality sprinkled all over. It is good a travel book, but not a coffee-shop book, at least not for me. Go ahead, read it.