14 October 2013

Books review: When Rainbows End by Cecelia Ahern

Assalamualaikum readers !

becuz i'm so rajin today so i decided to make another books review which is When Rainbows End by Cecelia Ahern

the back cover tho (the price tag haha)

i bought this book during pesta buku antarabangsa, pwtc this year (lol i forget the month).this book is so so so thick i swear. to be very honest, only people who really really likes to read books (like me lol praising myself or what) will read it until the very end pages hehe

About this book:

Name: When Rainbows End
Writer: Cecelia Ahern
Price: RM 35.90 (obviously at the picture)
          £ 6.99 (if u but it at UK lol)
Pages: 558 (excluding the introduction and the closing of the book)
Synopsis: story of Rosie Dunne (a girl) and Alex Stewart (a boy) whom are best friend. both of them study in the same school and live in Dublin, Ireland. sadly, Alex move to States with his family and the adventure begins.

act i didn't finish this book yet lol but i only have 58 pages yet to finish it. i took 3 months to finish it heh. i think this book isn't suitable for people below 18 lol. 

so thick tho. you better read dictionary than this lol

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